Shooting VR video in Longyearbyen, Svalbard - The most northern settlement in the world.

“Media creator with a passion for the outdoors.”

I’m Alex, a storyteller and enabler at heart living in California and traveling the world to tell visual stories. My drive and long term goal with creative media is to find a way to change todays current views. I believe┬ámedia is our strongest, most influencing means of communication and message – but it’s not being used to its potential. The influence a visual story can have on society is powerful, and the potential is their to tell a more meaningful, positive story to make a more enjoyable life.

When I’m not creating videos or shooting photos, I’m usually outside. Backpacking, hiking, camping, snowboarding, mountain biking, playing hockey… I love being outdoors. When I realized I could combine my passion for the outdoors and action sports with video and photo, I set off on a new goal to surround myself with that opportunity. Those are the people I love to be around, the environment, and the kind of passionate people I want to work with.

Program Knowledge

Adobe Photoshop – Editing, design, color, and processing
Adobe Lightroom – Color, organization, and processing
Aperture – Color, organization, and processing
Photomatic Pro – High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing

Adobe Premiere Pro – Editing
Final Cut Pro – Editing
Adobe After Effects – Graphics and compositing
Nuke – Graphics and Compositing
Cinema 4D – 3D Graphics and Animation
DaVinci Resolve – Color Correction
SynthEyes – Advanced Motion Tracking
Mocha VR – Advanced Motion Tracking for VR / 360
LR Timelapse – Advanced timelapse processing
Adobe Encore – DVD / Blu-Ray formatting
DVD Studio Pro – DVD / Blu-Ray formatting
Adobe Encoder – Digital media compressor
Compressor – Digital media compressor

Adobe Illustrator – Graphic and logo design
Adobe InDesign – Page design and layout
Adobe Bridge
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excell
Microsoft PowerPoint
Toast Titanium